'Purgatory' de Heterochrome (Melancholia)




Open your eyes, wake up from your dream world
Start awake, see the skies above turn to black
Look around, you see the light that's calling you
Sail away, with the boat that's carrying you

Through the misty night
Sweet silence falls all over
Blinding beam of light
Disturbing calm waters

I, the smallest point of creation
Projection of a disturbing conception
Incarcerated in this floating salvation
Lost in hollow blue
What's my transgression?
Where is my destination?
Is this some hallucination?
Looking for a promising clue

Endless night, haunting fearless mind
With a frightened heart, going through the night
Salvation lies ahead, at the end of this thread
Reach out and take one step, Don't you look back
This is my transgression
Here is my destination
It's not a hallucination
There's no promising clue