Bad Mornings - Snow Tha Product

Bad Mornings

Snow Tha Product

Letra, canción

'Bad Mornings' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Good Nights & Bad Mornings.


'Bad Mornings'

[Hook] x 2
So we just keep it movin', movin'
Movin', movin', movin', movin'
Hate it's the cheapest hobby you can have
So we gonna make it to the top
And keep makin' these haters mad
Just keep it movin'

I'ma, just keep it moving, while I roll like this
I got plenty of old friends that don't get dough like this
So let me just pick up the phone and order 4 or 5 big
Bottles to pop while we're on top and run the show like this
I know I should have never brag but damn it feel too great
That when they hated, I created more new songs they played
And I just took this struggle and stride took day by day
And now I'm coming up to the top and yep we came to stay
I got these haters talkin' but I just seem to keep on movin'
I'm just chillin', looking icy, keep it real and keep it cool
And makin' money makin' moves, and living life with something to prove
Cause life's a teacher, I'm the student
I'm just learning what I'm doing and ain't really much to do
But give me the best in the world
They say that life's a bitch
I hope that bitch like Mexican girls and hey
Just give me the best in the world
They say that life's a bitch
I hope that bitches like Mexican girls

[Hook] x 2

Its hard coming in the game, when you hop in the beat
The weakest said, so instead of simply being happy for me
You just some haters that my privacy need
Back to the streets, and back to struggling for money
And back to having cds
Up in my back pack and sellin' em, pitchin' em
One by one, they want me to back track to when I was struggling selling none
I used to wish that I could live it up tourin' and havin' fun
I want mom to top floor and got my haters lookin' up
Cause they wanna bring me down but my team and I moving
We're sippin' on a 40 edition with my crew
We keep it movin', oh yeah we keep it movin'
I got my product pushas' back because I know they got mine
I always chop it up with them, but these haters get no time
I got these kids are down for me, so I don't care about co signs
Cause co signs are for bad credit
My credit is just fine

[Hook] x 2