Beast Mode - Snow Tha Product

Beast Mode

Snow Tha Product

Letra, canción

'Beast Mode' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Unorthodox.


'Beast Mode'

No snooze I'm about to wake 'em up
Cause they say they married to the game, well I'm about to break em up
Cause I got that loud BANG, hit 'em in the brain
I'm running up in this bitch like BAM
The rap game will never be the same
There's a lil chick killin' every man
I'm in muthafuckin' beastmode, she's cold, Snow's got bars to spare
Ya'll bitches been sleep though we woke
I'm in Cali I'm a put it in the air
And Imma run up cause I never been scared
Little mami with a heart of a California Bear
Imma come through murderin' bitches
I know you heard that I'm spittin' a little better, everybody is scared
They call me Snow, I know that I'm a beauty and a beast
I got the coast, you know I'm the best, everybody finna see
I put on for mine, from the west to the east
Down south no doubt they done heard about me
I'm a latin chick spittin out here making a killin as a lyrical villan, I R-I-P beats
I was gone, but I'm back, like ooh, Miss Snow Tha Product wrecks
You can check my stats, I don't lose
If you thought I was done, not yet
Oh shit! I bet little chicks upset that I get my bread and I get respect
And they mad that I been the best no less the west gon get
This chick here wrecks