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Holy Shi! Letra

Snow Tha Product

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'Holy Shi!'

Hold up could it be...
That a femcee go this hard, &
She lookin' like me?
Hoes like "OMG
This white girl can't go far"
"She can't mess with a beat"
Well I guess we gon' see
Cause I'm runnin' up in it with backup & Mexican G's
And I'm flexing on these
Little jefes that be
Thinking they going next
Well they next after me
They call me Snow White Tha Product
There's not a chick that is hotter
So now I'mma hit them harder
Than knock off shots of some Popov
My style is fresh as Banaca
The trunk is kicking like soccer
Bitch I'm a monster like Chewbacca
But I am crunk as Waka Flocka
And ain't no doctor for this
I'm sick and I been going hard as a rock on my shit
I shine bright even with no rocks on my wrist
Name another mother fuc*** that has got it like this
I'mma lock it with this
Ain't no profit to split
I will off any bitch
Trying to start with a diss
Call 911 call the cops and medics
A little menace and beginning to kill them again
They asking is she white?
Do she write?
Who the hell think this shit that tight?
Is she signed?
Is she hype?
Why she unknown if she nice?
She kill guys
Tell me why
She ain't on like every site
Little chick better than very nice
Man I been telling them they need Christ
Lyrical murderer
Get it in your brain
Every other little chick spitting it is insane
I'm coming up in this
Than and I'm taking names
And I'm taking aim
Any minute I'mma spray
Born up in the bay
Live down South
Every other rapper better get out now
You ain't never met a chick with my style
When it all boils down
I'm next no doubt
Immaculate flow
Latin rapper that's dope
I was gone for a year
But I'm back for the throne
I'mma take what's mine
I ain't asking no more
I'mma take it and make it
You bastards should know
That I have been the coldest
You know me you know this
You could have
But didn't help me
Now you notice
That I'm gonna make it
You rappers is hoes
If you asking for a favor
The answer is 'No bitch'