Damn It - Snow Tha Product

Damn It

Snow Tha Product

Letra, canción

'Damn It' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Good Nights & Bad Mornings.


'Damn It'

Yeah yeah yeah he used to be a player
Used to say he's getting that paper
And he used to call my friends haters
Cause they told me he was unfaithful
Yeah, he used to say he work late but
Then, all them lies that he made up
Really wasn't shit when I caught him with a chick
Then I had to cut em off like a razor
Now I only care about my riches
Got my, got my M with them sixes
Cut my hair and got six inch heels
Get killed when I hit that switching
Now he talking about that he misses
Says he really wanna make his misses
Now he said he really wanna make me his Mrs
He said he stopped with them bitches
I said boy that ain't none of my business

Got my ex-es saying damn it
Miss-missing what they had
Now they begging for me back
And Imma fuc*** take advantage
Saying damn it, damn it
I got my ex-es saying damn it, damn it
I got my ex-es saying damn it, damn it, damn it
Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it
I got my ex-es saying damn it, damn it, damn it
Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it

He used to act like he was pimping
Brag about bitches he been with
Used to talk that mess about he winning
Used to drive around in that Lincoln
Now he got some stupid girl pregnant
Got himself two dependents
At his momma's house with no credit
He's all bad and got 2 infants
Meanwhile I been getting my cheese up
Swiping Debit and Visas
Mind my business and i re'd up
That little thing got a little bit of G's up
In my piggy bank & getting hella features
And in my aide in a beast cut
And ain't no telling when you fuc*** with a felon
Who been dealing with a whole lot of believers

This guy that I used to date
Used to act like everything gray
But he used to f*** with girls like all day
Then he left me for some ho around the way
But to say in goes, the players get played
Girl fuc*** his bro and gave his ass shade
Boy he beat her ass and called her gay
And then he just so happens to call me the other day
See now he calling me something crazy
Been bout me having this baby
Said he swear thinking about me lately
I'm like damn that girl gave you shady
Cause you broke now, you got no style
And she left you with no car
Meanwhile I've been coming up in the game
And then shit change, you're a bum and I'm a star