Don't Judge Me - Snow Tha Product

Don't Judge Me

Snow Tha Product (ft. Ty Dolla $ign)

Letra, canción

'Don't Judge Me' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Good Nights & Bad Mornings 2: The Hangover.


'Don't Judge Me'

Light skinned long hair señorita, rolling up sativa
Finally in the lime light, slice limes and tequila
Living like can you keep up, I'm on the beach in Rosarito
Yup I got my feet up, you wanna see then pull a seat up
Cause we bout to eat good, we been working for the past years
Life's about to have to pay me back for the past tears
Passing cashiers all of my Visa cards
I hand my momma hella bags and tell her these are yours
Now we afford to buy cause of my weeks of tours
Are having to finally pay me back cause yes I need couture
Now I need you boys to know you can keep the whores
Cause I ain't looking for a man, I make G's galore

Please don't judge me
No, please don't say you love me
(I'm young and I'm dumb and I'm turning up
Turning up turning up (x2))

I came back from quite the hiatus
Yeah I had them waiting counted out but I came around
I'm saying hi to you haters
Cause I'm bout to make it, about to take it to the majors
Man I'm tired of playing, I'm tired of having to being patient
We bout to eat good no more struggling now
We buzzing in town, my cousin and my brother been down
To run for the crown, we about to make em woke if they sleeping
Coming for y'all, we bout to make a toast to the weekend
Cause I got me a check with my name on top
I'm bout to make it happen for the kids on the block
Cause the turn up don't stop yea it don't stop tell em