Fuck Your Phone - Snow Tha Product

Fuck Your Phone

Snow Tha Product

Letra, canción

'Fuck Your Phone' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Good Nights & Bad Mornings.


'Fuck Your Phone'

E-e-e-e everytime you with me you be stayin on your phone
And everytime I look at you I see that stupid glow
Up Off your phone
Go f*** your phone, go f*** your phone
Go f*** your phone, your phone(x2)

[Verse 1]
I swear to God that I'm just like: Ugh!
I Mean: Ugh!
Look I'm bout two seconds from grabbin' that getro
Pcs and chunkin' that shit right up at yo head
Cause I swear that I hope you lose reception
Or that yo shit get disconnected
Cause I'm so tired of your no job havin' ass all on this date disrespect
It's like every time that you come around I just see that stupid glow
Right up off yo phone
And up off yo dome
And ya got me talkin' to myself like I'm alone.
Got a girl like me bout ready to explode.
I'ma need me a man that's fully grown
Ain't worried bout retweets livin' up in these streets beep beep boy you batter watch that road
What the hells so urgent that you worried bout that bird and that lil timeline
Better be sure that that's really worth the fact that you bout to kiss my ass
Wasting my time
With yo sideline
Ass phone giggling all bright eyed
Old immature lookin' ass grown lil boy get the hell up out my eyesight
I got real problems, I got real life, I got real shit
That deal with and you been up on it call it killin' time
Well that's it you really just killed It
So f*** you, f*** your phone, f*** your social network
I'mma go out in the real world as a real girl you hang Ten in yo netsurf

Umm she wanna Instagram, her dinner, tweet that she havin' fun and shit
IMessage ain't delivered
OMG, SMH what a bummer bitch
Now days two people be next to each other
Don't talk just twitter mention each other
Texting each other
Oh shit God forbid y'all show interest in each other
OMG I'm havin so much fun
Woo, this party's awesome um
Sure it is and so much so you gon sit up on your phone and gossip about
Who did what and what they did and who in love
And who been friends and who hate who and who say "when" and who got fired and who just quit
This shit is wack my phone is off
I'm getting crunk I'm living life finna fuckin' ball
We getting drunk see we got fat bitches and skinny bitches
And medium bitches and thick bitches and most of the world won't see it
F*** it, I'mma twitpic it