Good Nights & Bad Mornings 2: The Hangover de Snow Tha Product

Hopeless Letra

Snow Tha Product (ft. Dizzy Wright)

'Hopeless' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Good Nights & Bad Mornings 2: The Hangover.



Woke up with a pocket full of change
And a laundry list full of problems
And the only thing that keep me sane is that I know everybody got em
I got a mom yellin' out, ?Go to college!?
Got a bong full of weed, it's ironic
?Cause the only thing that solve this dramas hollerin out, "fuck all them"
I'm gonna make today my bitch
Got a backpack on and I'm headed for a new flight, and yes I binge
With my headphones on and my mind is gone and I can no longer think
Having metaphors and I read 'em all
And now I obsess, over life and death, and how I can get
To be someone that matters because if life's a test
Then how the f*** am I gonna ace this shit, how the hell am I gonna make it in this shit
When I'm just a chick caught up in the mix, get ten chips off of mixtapes and shit
My mama says that I better face this shit
This game's all eyes and it's based on it
So basically I'm looking if Hotel California has another vacancy

They talking drugs, clothes, cars, checks
Drugs, hoes, more respect
Don't blame the hopeless that's the only thing promoted
You need change, put it in motion, excuse me for being open but

Here I am (come on)
Knocked down but still I stand (come on)
Come to my shows and visit my fans
So they can tell you how I real I am, and still hope now
When the shows out, we leave the show, to the dope house
Pick up the weed for the smokeout
Smoke up to the sun up, no sleep but I'm still ?bout to turn up, uh
Come on, niggas that don't know my name, know exactly what the f*** I ain't
Hearin' my voice, duh ni*** and ain't for fame
I want the money but it ain't the same, (nah it ain't the same)
Same dog finna take off, finna take off
My day off should be playoffs, then we playoff
Another meeting with the AR, f*** waitin' I'ma play hard
I got the game in my hands, they done gave me a chance
So now I'm finna show you niggas how to rock out
Really smokey when I hop out
Gettin' detention like the NBA lockout
Headed to the top now, good weed got em knocked out
Good weed got me on my shit, that's why I'm on my shit
Focused but to you that don't mean shit, y'all niggas don't want me rich (that's cool)

That's cool, that's cool
Break down only when I break down
Every hero gotta put the cape down
?cause what we gonna do when they ain't round?
Hold up, Snow and Diz, have the product to propose a hit
What's the best way we can show the kids?
Who the motherfucking coldest is?
Still move

[Hook x2]