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I'ma Make It Letra

Snow Tha Product

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'I'ma Make It'

I finally feel like, I can go ahead and say
Shit that I ain't ever been able to say before
Y'know what I mean? Like..

This is for all the awkward moments
And the high school memories
And all the fuc*** popular kids I allowed to get to me
The fact that I was broke and I knew my family had necessities
And so everything added up, inside of me, depressing me
The fact my dad was gone and I couldn't even say rest in peace
Cause leaving us was worse than dying
Here's for forgetting me
Here's to finally admitting that now it's off my chest and see
Here's to being sad and only happy when on ecstasy
Here's for all the fake friends, the rumors, and the lies
Here's for all the fake trends I was to broke to buy
Here's for all that time wasted with those stupid guys
Here's to bottles of stolen liquor and all them crazy nights
And thank you to the haters. Thank you to the teachers
'Fuck you' to the cheerleaders, I'll watch while on the bleachers
Thank you to myself for staying true to graphic t-shirts and the tennis shoes
And back packs, headphones, and all the reefer

I'ma make it! (repeated)