Snow Tha Product

Letra de la canción

Bitch I am the shit, and I suggest you learn it
I swear I never meet a beat that I ain't got on and murdered
I am all of the above, and what's above is virgin
Cause ain't nobody fucking with me, what you ain't learning
Death to your kin, I'm wrecking again
Come on [?] you need a vest not a pen
I'm the best and I will not mention again
I will be something you will never offend
Its a definite win, no ref., no guess, no contest
I'm the best and I've been
Just that, fuck that, kick that girl
Bust that, and I'll be breaking your chin
I hella been a veteran
Anyone in front of me is definitely someone that I'm better than
Never been scared and never been delicate
I'll stomp ground like an elephant
Better get, better and better cause fucking with me
And I plan on severing every single part
You've ever connected with
I am the truth and you are not relevant
Snowhite, how am I the Beauty and the Beast?
Respected in this game and the streets
Every single hater is a fan of me
Nobody ever been what I plan to be
Happily I'll grab a beat
I'll kill it and drop it like gravity
Ain't met a bitch yet that can handle me


Letra añadida por: Tuzone (#37)

Snow Tha Product
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