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Til Death Letra

Snow Tha Product

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'Til Death'

I would've wanted this to work
But apparently you don't
Now you got me looking crazy
While I'm watching you alone
You might just say
That I've up and lost it
But til death do us part
I'mma make you keep your promise

You were my everything you gave me a diamond ring
Made me be the chick all these bitches was hating
While I was waiting things where changing and
You started to play games fly to Beijing
But, but your game was amazing
You happened to blame things on me that I ain't think
That you were the one fuc*** around And made it seem
That I was the one that was messing up everything
Parked outside in my old black ride
Thinking about every single fuc*** tear I cried
Now I can't decide between the .40 and the .9
And as smart as I been all my life that I'd fall for your lies
How'd I waste this time?
How I did not know why you were out there prying?
On these immature chicks while I'm at home pissed
Doing the cooking and the cleaning
While you're living it big
F*** that, f*** that
I got the rope and cuffs
Have a black Hennessy toast to us
I am outside of your job and I'm posted up
And don't think that these 2 bullets are for both of us
'Til death do us part, one to the heart
Take two to the head, don't get me started
It's a shame that you played
And got brave with the lady
That also happens to be a little bit crazy
I'm making you pay, you're taking my pain
Now you make way for the brand new me
When it's good it's good, bad is bad
It's about to get real real bad, you see
Good girls go bad, but when they're gone, they're gone for good
Now one bad girl gon' get you gone
And one bad move is all it took

Now first off let me start with a congratulations
Five months ago you denied it but you got to face it
Say that you wasn't cheating then who got her pregnant?
Quit the apologizing, I ain't got time for fake shit
Take your sad face and show it to the judge
You should've known that this was meant for you and that ho
Fuck, hold up don't you try to even touch my hand
If you think I'm taking you back you are out of luck my man
Love don't live here no mo'
When you walked out I'm about to lock that door
Sorry Jack, I believe you gotta hit that road
And I hope you got what you wanted out of that ho
Cause I know she a turnt up heifer by the way
I seen her ass looking at my boy the other day
Her eyes wander for the man with no pay
And after this divorce you got no shot OK?
God damn you stupid for cheating on this
Especially for doing it with that stupid ass bitch
Mom said you was no good and you proven that quick
And you really, really dumb for thinking you is that slick
All the people that I cut out of my life for you
Everyone know I was a perfect wife for you
I was ready to take the coke charges that night for you
I took a stand I motherfucking lied for you
But I don't blame myself, it wasn't my fault
I got a clear conscious and life moves on
I'll find a good man but me and you both know
You'll never find a better woman than me. Hell no!
You need to get your shit and go
'For I grab that ruger and put it to your throat
I really feel like evening out the sco'
But I don't wanna catch a case for you
You a joke

[Hook x2]