Unorthodox de Snow Tha Product

Vaquero Letra

Snow Tha Product

'Vaquero' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Unorthodox.



Last summer I went to Mexico, spent a little bit of that extra dough
Wanted to just relax and kick back and forget about shows
I just wanted to club and get krunk with my primas
And get a real good buzz and get drunk off margaritas
When all of a sudden while dancing along to my Jenni Rivera jam
I look to my left and oh my I seen a man
He was wearing a Tejana and botas de avestruz
And had a belt to match and drank patron like it was juice
He looked like a boss, he really caught my eye
Cause never in my life did I go out with a man like this guy
He took me out to dinner and showed me all his vacas
And introduced me to his little pit bull named Chata
And then I met his mama, listened to Intocable
He told me that he and his compa talked about some jale
Taught me how to say me vale, and he said mira mami
Que digan lo que digan mija mientales la madre

[Hook] x2
I fell in love with a vaquero
Botas y sombreros
And I'mma cross him over I'mma pay for his pollero
And we goin' get married and he goin' get papers
But I'mma hunt him down if he tell me see you later