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I try my best to not think about you
But when I look at all my texts
It seems you know just what to do
I get to reading all the rest so by the time I even get to yours
I?m like I think I'll check if I ain?'t got nothing to do
Umm but I do and I try
To keep myself away from you for the night
'?Cause I know that if I
Keep playing with fire I?mma have to decide
But I don'?t even think I want to
?Cause I know what I?'d do
'?Cause I know it?s the thought that haunts me when I think about you
Cause see I?'m not type to start something but not see it through
So you may get it hard to take it when I start with you
Now I ain't tryna jump into nothing right now
So as soon as I start thinking something, I'm out
Ain?'t even really tryna get involved, and you calling and I?m oh
Like fuck it, let?s drink together, I?m down

And when I?'m kinda faded
We get to conversating
And there we are
There we are
I kinda start to say shit
And then it's getting late
And I don?t know where we are
Where we are

But when the drinks get to clinking baby (it'?s alright)
You start to tell me what you?'re thinking lately (Is that right?)
'?Cause we both rather turn up than try to get turned down
It?'s better to have fun for the night

You were putting up to go although I?m taking
Texting all late like you don?t know what you'?ve been waiting
You'?ve got me asking myself why am I enabling?
All of these feelings, man I don?t know what I'?m thinking
But I just kick, I really don?'t know what it is
I guess that it?'s just persistent, think it over again
'?Cause it'd be constantly taunting, we thinking of you
I think it?'s gotta be yaby ?cause this isn?'t new
And when we both get to sipping baby, you know why
This conversation comes incriminating in no mind
I think I start to feel the buzz and I keep talking about drugs
Even though I know what's up, and I know it ain?'t right
And I ain?'t tryna jump into nothing right now
So as soon as I start thinking something, I'?m out
Ain?'t even really tryna get involved, and you calling and I?'m oh
Like fuck it, let?s drink together, I?'m down

[Hook: x4]


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