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Woke Wednesday Letra

Snow Tha Product

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'Woke Wednesday'

I'm the product of illegals
I'm one hundred like C notes
And I'm with all my girls and we are stuntin' like Kenevil
Ima movie with a sequel
I wear shades to see no evil
Ima shark up in this shit
And you just a bitch, beagle
Look, Ima bomb y'all bitches
Like the Zom-b-gone with me
And I never wanna hear another fuckin' word
Ima bon y'all chicks
And Ima ball that shit
I'm undespicable, syllables that ive heard
Ima raw raw chick, you a knock off bitch
Imma pop off with my folk, we word
Thank god I've been on some mall paul spit
Cos I can't think what its like to be heard

Yeah yeah its tha product, on my way to the top bra
They tell me to be patient but I'm Russian like Oksana
Ima double shot of patrone and you're a pina-colada
Ima whole lotta something, you a whole lotta nada

Look any chick that's thinking she'll be stopping mes crazy
That's why I got em' cryin' like colic-y babies
If you thinking ill quit, then sorry keep waiting
I'm a dollar not a dime and you're a penny (jacey)
You gunna need a tokina lens
Too capture my shit cos I'm goin' again
Get a little bud cos I'm smokin' again
If you're broke then I get why you don't like my shit
Its ok I get woke by my friends
Oh you thought you was hot well its snowin' again
Flows so cold I don't open the fridge
Snow got flow its ok don't pretend
Tight rhyme horder, all these years I been collectin'
Got em' with their eyes like quarters
I'm changing their perspective
I make times much warmer, save on your electric
I'm the hottest thing walking and the dopest thing wrecking

Look, time is money honey I only race with the seconds
So I don't compete with bitches I just kill em' then collect em'
We the shit homegirl, Watch where you steppin'
Only time I seen a hotter chick that bitch was my reflection
Look, every single verse that I put out gets a repeat
Every single thing I ever mention gets a retweet
S-s-starvin on your end, we buffenin' like CiCi's
And I'm running bitches over they don't even get a beep beep