Canción 'October 4' del disco '4PLAY' interpretada por G4SHI

October 4 Letra y Canción


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OCTOBER 4 es una canción de G4SHI que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco 4PLAY.


'October 4'

October 4th, 1989
Was born in Africa no that is no lie
Who ever thought that I would start to rhyme, get some shine, A refugee on the rise
If only I could take pictures with my eyes
As if you ate a mine it'll blow your mind
Mother fuc*** don't you tell me bout no grind
I snuck in 24 countries and I ain't have no dime
No money at all, no food to buy
My country at war, most of my people died
Ain't come to you and say for an average life
I told my mom and dad I'm out cuz I'm busy chasing lights
Don't tell me I'm hot, I'm on my own cock
I got the key to happiness you ain't changing the lock
Cuz when I speak the truth there's no hush
Now hands in the air like its a holdup
And keep them real high, if your life rough
Just know you're not the only one, there is a us
Days where I felt that I had no gut
No bread no cheese no cold cuts
Stressed out, break the weed, time to roll up
Haters talk shit like they so tough
But they so butt, quick to fold up
Come to my hood there is no love
Money coming in, slow bucks
Can't get a job, I'm so stuck
Too much pride for Dunkin' Donuts
Working there had me probably fuc*** go nuts
So I sold bud, learned that the streets got no trust
So I slept in the studio about 4 months
Got drunk just to numb my emotions
Gotta get the rap game while I'm still young
My momma lost her job, that's no funds
Cuz now I can't stop, cuz I'm her son
I gotta get this guap or else we're done
Can see her stress smokin' out her lungs
Family dependant on me, IM THE ONE
So it's time to make a classic
Stood back watched the game
I learned it then I mastered
All rules number 1 don't become and addict
Cuz its hard to get down to earth when you always in your attic
Just cuz you see me don't think that I haven't made it
Same mother fuc*** just at a different location
Sometimes you need the suburbs for a little motivation
There's more to the world than just a Brooklyn basement
Closer to my dreams, I can almost taste it
They put 30 Gs expecting me to Drake it
They read up on my tweets
Mad cuz I'm there favorite
Lyin' through their teeth, he ain't a beast he just fakin'
But I'm amazing, been the truth face it
Weird I'm no basic, you a zero watch me ace this
If she don't like me then she must be a gay bitch
Cuz every girl I smashed, toes curl up like bacon
Same people, I came up with started hatin'
Told my sister just be patient
See it in my dad's eyes he could not take it
But as long as I don't stop I got a chance to make it
I need some time, I'm doing it all without an apron
Just be patient
Man I'm caught up in the game, what if the world end?
I lost friends, education, and my girlfriend
Ain't gonn' front the shit was all worth it
F*** it I don't need nobody cuz nobody perfect
Dropped my last tape, wasn't a piece of cake
Still hungry and I feel I haven't met faith
Feel like success passed me and I was running late
I knew I stood her up, can I have another date?
New runner-up, they the one to race
I put it on my mother, I swear Gashi great
Take my soul if I don't fit that description
Here's a new take tell all my haters listen

Tell all my, my haters, to listen
Tell them I'll be, yes I'll be waitin' for forgiveness
Tell all my, my haters, to listen
Tell them I'll be, yes I'll be waitin' for forgiveness
I'll be waiting
I'll be waiting
I'll be waiting
I'll be waiting
I, oh I, I followed my heart and lost my mind
But ill be fine ohhhhhh
Yes I'll be fine ouuu
Ohhhh ahhh
Oh ah
I followed my heart and lost my mind, but ill be fine
Yes, I'll be fine
Yes, I'll be fine
Yes, I'll be fine
Fine Fine Fine Fine Fine Fine Fine