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Shouting Out

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I dont’t believe what you are saying
You leave this blaken town
What the hell are you fearing 
What the hell are you afraid of
There was no money, no need 
But only emotions to feel 
But you know
You know emotions aren’t free
Through the streets, through the subway 
In silence, without a word 
But inside, we were only one
I don’t want too much time, I don’t want to shout it out 
I don’t want to wonder why, I don’t want to say goodbye 
Remember those stormy nights 
And those bright days too 
Trying to make our lifes 
Something that sometimes is even thuth
Fight and fall, fight and rise 
Every second, every night
I never ment more than that
Being the future against the time
Now you ear another voices
Other’s voices are not alives
Do you want to go? 
Do you want to loose this truly love?

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