'Gzm' de The Pancakes (Captian Curtain)


Zygotic mynci belongs to gorky
Gorky belongs to me
Miss trudy's the queen of georgia
I'm the peanut dispenser
What songs will you play and
Whom will you play for
If fingers were xylophones
Sally webster's vision's got worse
I'll play the game of eyes with her
We'll be free to go on
Singing the patio song
We can climb over the barbed wire
Trespass into heywood lane
Don't be shy
Don't you hide
I will be here as your guide
And you'll know how great life can be
When you hear the captain sing
No one looked around
In this bustling town
Cos nothing's to be found
Don't believe the ambler gambler
Cos he set Mr. groovy up
When moon beats yellow and
You try to break the heart of kentucky
The tears in disguise will turn
Into precious diamond dew