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Flowers On The Scene

The Silver Factory

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So you bought yourself a whiskey coke
You took a drink and had a smoke and stared across the room at me
Well I was on the other side pretending not to catch your eye
Things are not what they seem
You and me we’re the local flowers on the scene
Cause I walk between all the cracks in the floor
Washing my hands maybe 10 times or more
God only knows what goes on indoors
When you’re on your own
So I spoke to you and then you smiled
And then you took me by the hand and led me to a darkened room
It hardly came as no surprise when I, I realised
Things are not what they seem
You and me we’re falling apart at the seams
Things are not what they seem
Things are not what they seem
It came as no surprise
When I realised, that I caught your eye
I caught your eye

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