Its time to face the truth. Let it all out in this booth
Everything proceeds perfectly, working, it's hurting me
And I try to forget them, I deny and neglect them
Kaleidoscope the visions, pick the person and dissect them
Correct them and turn them into microscopical pieces of dog shit
Your information is worthless. Listen intently to this raw shit
I draw shit, I tag shit, I bomb shit, No scwag shit
I don't appreciate the trends, I'm trendy with the bad shit
Yo I depress, derail, detach shit

And I didn't mean to make you cry
I just wanted to make you suffer
I hate your fucking existence
But getting beat at every instance made me tougher
Swallow the downers and uppers
1 fish, 2 fish, red fish, blue fish
Used to be addicted, now I'm hustling selling you fish

The sea is filled, I keep the pillas swimming
Inside your guts and stomachs, you taught me the game and I keep winning
Lots are conquered, bitch I'm sponsored, and your team can't pass the beginning
I bend all the trends and you follow
Then I break all your friends and tomorrow
You'll be giving me props
Your division gets rocked
Remember how you started to cry and then I thought you beg me to stop
Now tell me who's really on top?
I am the boss, you are the loss
You like 'em hard, but I leave 'em soft

And I don't wanna die, it's just sometimes, I wish I'd never been born
I hate all these people. Love all the drugs
These two are the factors that keep me torn
To be or not to be?
Hello, I'm Reverie
And I'd like to address, I am the best
Nobody can ever be better than me, Masters degree, I am a Gee
Anthrax invading your chest
So beware and don't breathe in my amphetamine
'Cuz unfortunately your build up is cheap



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