Been opening up my mind lately
To some shit I've never really thought about
And it's opening a lot of doors that have been stuck closed
Since I was born

Yo! Yo! I'm a young grass hopper on a mission
That's comparable to the transition
Between “recess” and “nutrition.”
Wishing on a star on the daily-
That they pay me exactly what they offered
Cuz the funds been low lately
I'm tryna gain knowledge of self
But every day I change so rapidly and drastically-
I can't figure me out!
I see the world more clearly when my vision is distorted
Not heavy on the drug use anymore-
But there's a place and time for it!
Cuz when we on my clock we stimu-LATE!
I got adrena-LINES, I mean “adrenaline”
That'll make you feel better than you've ever been
I wanna know all the answers
Got so many questions about this life-
I long to understand her
I've come to the cognizance that
Either you lead by example or become a servant to dominance
I'm aiming for a position of prominence
And when I procure it, my intent is to do the opposite
Of what the preponderance of the prevalent people with power
Presumably do to our community
They judge us with scrutiny
And put out minimal effort to help the young people-
Just like you and me
This is verbal mutiny

My insubordinate attempt to promote
Knowledge, understanding, and unity
See, I used to be a democrat
But now I see the government
Is merely a mother ship that don't give a fuck about the other kids That ain't part of the elite
So they leave us to slang rock and hustle in the streets
Welcome to America, “The Home of The Brave-”
You get treated like a slave for minimum wage

So we- We gotta take control !
Spread knowledge to the youth
Don't let them take your soul

Never let your past define who you are today
Cuz this life is full of change and we all make mistakes
Prepare for the future but never take the present for granted
Cuz when you ain't living in the now
The memories of today get reprimanded by your negligence
This music is my medicine
And it can turn nothing into something-
I'm the evidence!
Never been a sedative!
I'm styling on your predicate!
Smiling while I'm wiling out and capping on your etiquette
You fronting like I never been
Anywhere you never been-
But, yo, that's just irrelevant
What's important- is the knowledge I've imported
I'm compelling my depression to remain dormant
Recording my life experience
In hopes that the people hearing it
Can learn to cope with how the feel and shit
I could never say that something is “the realist shit I've written”
Cuz only truth goes into what I write-
This ain't no fiction
No Christian, no religious beliefs for me
But I respect everyone's opinions equally
I'm so fed up with my imperfections and unanswered questions. Stressing, trying to repair these connections
Pessimistic, materialistic, twisted
F*** it, I'm only human-
So I gotta deal with this shit!
Working hard to grow into the woman I wanna be
But right now, this is me, Reverie, age 23

So we- We gotta take control!
Spread knowledge to the youth
Don't let them take your soul



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