My direction is up & down, left & right
try to follow but you cant. In my secrecy i write
love to swallow new vocabulary. Year round, its march through february
fuck a valentine, i don't wear no boys on my mind
im accustomed to being scary. Never trust em, i beat em
make em buy me like a fafi- thinkin that i need em
i just weed em out, separate the dandy liars from perennials. Work the visuals
im roaring like the 20's. Morning glories in my tummy
plant the seeds to cut the money, aint it funny-
i be sneaking, water flowers on the weekend, in the shower
when i speak, you savor sour. Taste my garden for like hours and days
cut down the hedges, form the maze
marijuana leaves, so we can riff it in the caves & blaze like everyday
i prosper like begonias in california. Get depressed in the sunless mess
just thought i'd warn ya before im leaking starch from my chest
got no heart in this stem. Im the new breed tryna spread her pollen thru the city
nevertheless they say im shitty, ugly & unwanted. Nobody wanna fuck wit me

(chorus) (afu ra)

aint no way that i could do this on my own
im growin closer to the sun. Im stuck into the floor & im kinda fucked
wish somebody would take the time to listen
cuz im the illest, instead they wanna kill this
theoretically, you'd think they wanna help me
but everybodys scared of change. They envy because they all the same
my discussions interrupt the maintsream of hiphop
bitch, i bent locks, i get props. Torment & sent pops on a guilt trip
yo, im sorry but i really felt it when you left. Hide my anger in the paint
seattle battles through the rain, glass scribes, paint the trains
gett it tatted on my brain "vandalism eases pain."
depressed like the 30s, very dirty
distract your vision like a lily. Acting silly, hit the billies
cut the hose, let em drown in the raps
eat the stems & the caps. Mushrooms. Love the shade, lay my head down in the grass
change the path of the trip. My mind is so clear & my visions so bent
free forces, heaven sent, omnipotent, & wet. Forget

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