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The Final Draft

The Gabardines


I want to make it right
I want to make it sure
This is the last I go and
The last stumble

Trying to fall
Cause I'll do what it takes
To feel awake

I know I'm going
And I know I'm coming
To the place where
I wrote stories

To just say that I'm sorry
But now this might be
The final draft I ever make

I wish I know which
Way is he right one
But it's too dark
To find the light

In your eyes and I watch them go away again

I miss the travels
Oh sweet car travels
The voice of law repeating
Her right to keep it quiet

And as we go away
I know it'll never
Be the same

The die is cast I guess
I hear the voice regret
What I've been saying
I know what I've been saying

But every time it speaks
I know it speaks alone

I wish I knew which way
Is the right one
But it's too dark
Inside my heart

To see how bright
Your eyes are
It tears me apart
That you're going away

But it's the final draft
The final write
The final chance I'll get
To fix my life
And to make you believe again