Disco 'Prophets of Rage' (2017) al que pertenece la canción 'Hail To The Chief'

Hail To The Chief

Prophets Of Rage


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Hold it!

Hoverin' over
Lookin' over the shoulder
Suspense, suspect
Who got next game
Hangin' us by the necks
Hold on to your purses and wallets
Buy [?] and new wallets
Show no shame, no malice
Wondering who's this new Alice?
Check, check, 1-2, 1-2
Alabama, Indiana
They be comin' around askin'
Who the fuck is you?
He be comin' around that mountain
How the west was one
Motherfuc*** didn't even run
Yo, here he comes!

All hail to the chief
Who came in the name of a thief
To cease peace
(He be comin' around that mountain!)

And you didn't even run (x4)

They lie, when they say we matter
Lies are a whole new chapter
Smile when you reach your master
Lookin' in the eye of the rapture
They lie when they say we matter
Some'd rather believe in a liar
Pride in the hearts of believers
While the city ignites on fire
While your life hangs in the balance
The innocent caught in the violence
Silence everybody that ain't like us
Devising words to divide us
Fear in the heart of the millions
One percent with their billions
Savage politicians got the whole word wiped with their thinking

Six-Six-Six, Six-Six-Six!
Suspect Sick-Sick-Sick, Sick-Sick-Sick!
Suspect Six-Six-Six, Six-Six-Six!
Suspect Sick-Sick-Sick, Sick-Sick-Sick!

Here he come! (x4)


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