Oh, that's how long (that's how long), that's how strong (that's how strong)
I'll be lovin' you, baby
T-to all my brothers, it ain't too late to come together
T-to all my brothers, it ain't too late to come together

Yeah, CyHi
This flow deserve a Kevin Liles
The shit can't help but touch you like a pedophile
My people said I stressed 'em out, so I left the house
Now I'm running the streets with some Detroit players
Running laps around you niggas, I'm on my 7th mile
A special child with some things I need to reconcile
Cidel Young, got my rap name from sellin' loud
'Cause Cyhi got a ring to it like a wedding vow
I grew up stealin' money out my momma purse
Now I'm buying everything I promised her
She don't want nothing else on this Earth but see her son in church
But just the night before, we was robbin' and runnin' work
Bought a onion first, sold nothing more than a hundred worth
But wear [da under under?] the undershirt if you wanna' lurk
Had money on my head
Some niggas wanna' murk
I used to rub my tummy like my stomach hurt
'Cause I hate the place I'm in, I don't feel safe with friends
My life is too stressful to bring a baby in
If you not 'bout the mission, can't be my lady then
Relationships can get kinda Rocky, my Adrian
Especially when it's your night at the Apollo
Huh, I might Basquiat the Picasso
Talkin' to Pablo, face-timing from Croatia
He said, "Cyhi be patient, you know your time is getting..."

Closer, well, well
(T-to all my brothers, it ain't too late to come together)

Cyhi, huh
My partner robber Peter 'cause he owe Paul
.38 snub, the revolver got a nose job
I used to talk to the plug long distance
Heard echoes 'cause they was listening, damn, that was a close call
Can't doze off, the cousin of sleep is sure to get you
Bemoan a pistol
When I draw you know it's stipple
Niggas switch sides, your partner's above the rim
You ever been in the middle of preying on some niggas hoping the Lord forgive you
If I don't go ten times platinum
I'm the closest thing to diamond with rhyming Swarovski crystals
I'm not here for the shits and giggles, tell my sisters that I'm almost home
I hit a triple, got caught for travelin' 'cause I was tryin' make it double
Stayed at the brickhouse, but what's funny the shit was stucco
Hurt to see my class walk, and I ain't get to graduate
My parents washed their hands with me, like before you grab a plate
I was on punishment, still coming in after eight
The belt don't hurt no more, she can tell when she look at my face
I was a castaway, had to learn how to navigate through the alleyways, then pull up on you the Cali' way
I did some shit I can't elaborate
Tried to serve some niggas I ain't know, that was my last mistake
Satan, I know I'm one of your favorite soldiers
But I can't help you no more, 'cause me and Christ is getting...

Closer, well, well
T-to all my brothers, it ain't too late to come together
Closer than close
T-to all my brothers, it ain't too late...


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