'It's A Good Life' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Lunatic.


It's A Good Life

Too much information
People drowning in receipts
Some days you wanna just chuck it all
Try your luck and hit the streets

It's like your shoes are tied together
Each hand got string attached
Some nights you wanna just say f*** it
Maybe you just light a match

Yeah we all have had those dreams
O-o-of the sun, and the sea and an island
Where you switch off
It's a good life
It's a good life
For me

This modern thing is getting old
Are we man or (are) we machine
You always done what you been told
Kinda like a monkey in a movie scene

Spend half your life waiting for that light to change
Just so you can make ends meet
Everybody always looking for a fight it's insane
And now you need a pill just to get some sleep