Brightfall Confession Letra y Canción

Tech N9ne

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BRIGHTFALL CONFESSION es una canción de Tech N9ne que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Planet.


'Brightfall Confession'

I prayed that the light in me
Tonight only be held inside of me
Between the wrong with the right in me
Because the demon I was, they won't confide in me
I come from a religious background being raised a Christian of Barker Temple Church of Christ
Also studying Islam from 12-17 after my Christian mother married a Muslim
Mom loved that I rapped, she wanted me to do it for Christ
But the worldly me began when I ran away from home at 17
And no matter how much better of a person I became
The worldly things I did would catch up with me
And try to pull me right back down
Right back down
Right back down
Right back down
Right back down

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