I sit in the darkend corner.
alone, unlit corridor.
i have to hide my life,
anything i do from you.
The change in me.
its lurking below.
it clinches me tight.
its holding its own.
its placing my mind.
its catching on.
it wont stop.
it figured me out.
Why would i change?
what would i feel?
how do i control,
myself, and my life?
my everything for you.
Emotional, rearrangement
break my mind into shards, my soul.
put them together to fill, my hole.
when the void is full, unleashed.
and suddenly, its sounding.
echoing through, its changing.
becoming, crystal, clear.
Dark metamorphesis.
this angry seed in me.
it resonates constantly.
its taking control.
back down.
its hard.
its still alive inside.
where it resides.
soon it will find.
a new way to reach me.
My chest.
it hurts.
it wont let go.
im shaking.
its scared.
but i lost control.
i lost my everything for you.
Give this back to me.
take back, what ive gave up.
my everything
inside of
Why would i change?
what would i feel?
how do i control,
myself? my life is empty.
my everything for you,
tied up too much time.
my everything for you,
i choose to change it.
to subcome to that feeling in me.
my everything for you,
has ended, and became
nothing. new. just me
the way i want to be.
like i used to see things clearly.
before i gave up my everything.
for you...


Left Of Centre

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