Oblivion del álbum 'Black Future'



La canción 'Oblivion' se estrenó en 2009. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Black Future


Spiraling into oblivion, mindless thoughts scream my silent cries
A shroud of blood and body parts are my demise
Shapeless moments crack my memories, a broken mirror inside my mind
The end has come, now time is empty

Souls rip through the skin into oblivion
Reborn into nothingness

Sucked through the veins of the universe flows the essence of existence
Time-cluttering, moment-shattering, voidless persistence
Aimless gazes stab through my eyes while they set their sights asunder
Lightning strikes upon me when all I've known is thunder


On and on through eternity, pathway to the galaxy,
We were, we are, will we be?
Will our cries be heard, or echo endlessly?


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