Aho Girl - Zenryoku Summer! (Opening)
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AHO GIRL - ZENRYOKU SUMMER! (OPENING) es una canción de Animé.


Aho Girl - Zenryoku Summer! (Opening) (en inglés)

Today is also fine For the sake of me only the earth turns round and round
I'm good at practicing acts I have not seen for a long time
It's a summer I want to go to the beach more than that! I love you I want you

Feeling in love and feeling cockroach Burning Love Meatender Shaved ice
Hurry up (saying so)
What is genius (paper weight)

I want to go to the sea (But though)
Tanning is terrifying
Hot summer Summer has arrived Hopeful rookie summer vacation? !

Full power when appealing to love
What? Good work Summer
Lucky story darling enchanting love you I love you (Hoa Hoa)

Saint samurai, you and I are all human beings after all
It is a tongue twister! Banana in banana, banana in banana, love banana in banana
It's a summer I want to go camping on!

BBQ (BBQ) at the barbecue
Then let's fireworks in the night Two people secret island
Hurry up (saying so)
What is genius (paper weight)
I want to eat meat! (But though)

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