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Ghetto youths fi have things
Never give up on your dreams now
Never give up on your dreams now
Genna genna
No matter how hard it seems
Don't give up 'pon your dreams now
Genna genna
No matter how hard it seems
Genna genna
Oh, oh...

Man feel like a champ right now
Smiling to the bank right now, yeah
Mansion inna the plans right now
Start up the Bimmer and drive out, yeah
So me haffi give thanks say the worst pass
Every time me touch the plane now a first class
Nuff pu*** did a say me nah go reach noweh
Now easily me taking off dem girl draws

Now man a every ghetto youth idol
Patience a the key fi survival
Bobby Lane, anything me say is final
Thirty-two clip inna the 45 cal
And me know why the pu*** dem hate me
Cah me f*** dem sister and dem wife and dem side gyal
No mek no boy build me spliff that is vital
Suck you mother with your grabba burn me sliff ital

No don't you give up on your dreams
No matter how hard it seems, yeah
One day, one day you ago make it
Believe inna your self and dweet hard
The world is yours for the taking
Every ghetto youth a star in the making
Right now man gone fi the dough dog
BigZim, you no smell the bread baking?
Create the money, make the money
Then you save some
Just in case one day the rain come
Future bright like match a play a stadium
Bet 'gainst me, you lose your money weh you pay down
Homestead never scared, never fear none
Dem know say the whole a dem we lay down
Badmind a look somebody meds fi tear down
Right now inna the Bimmer man a gear down

Never give up on your dreams
You know, the older you get, more experience, wiser
Govana, new gain, new name and you see me
No matter how hard it seems
Don't give up 'pon your dreams
Really and truly, how far Deablo can get me?
Gi' all youth dem a chance, man
No matter how hard it seems...
Gi' the bad youthes dem a chance, man
You nah mean 'cause the people dem real enuh
Dem really know wha' gwaan

[Chorus x3]

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