A Conversation With Bieber - Letra


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'A Conversation With Bieber' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Guilty Pleasures.


Oh whoa
Oh whoa
Oh whoa

Hey! Justin! It's great to see you again, man!
What's up, how are you?
So, today...uh... We're going to talk about love
Is that cool to you?
I mean, I'm not -I'm not a expert about love or anything
I'm still learning, I'm still... trying to get the process
Well... When was the first time that you fell in love?
It was at, like, church
You fell in love with Jesus?
Uhh, no
Basically, this girl, who was dating this guy
But broke up with her so and she... I want to make her
'Cause she was lonely, "one less lonely girl", and da-da-da
And... yeah. Or in a car
Now see, I'm talking about love and you're talking about something carnal and raunchy
I mean, what is love to you? Why do you think that love is so special?
I think it feels good
You are so young...
Although I will say that I'm like...
Impressed and I don't really get how you find a time with your career
Um, what do you mean, like, when do I do it and when do I find time?
Like, I just do whenever I fit in space, but, like...
Oh, you're a quickies man
Alright, back to the car story
This just feels so weird, we're in the back of a car, uhm....
So, so... At that point...
You're in control, but...
You have to make her feel like you're uncomfortable, because...
That's your image
I'm a beast. Sweat machine
And that's when you take your shirt off
This one in, I just want in's!
You just need practice
I mean, I'll go out with anyone I really fall in love with, I guess
You're... A bit of a tramp
Yes, you're gonna write single and write it mingle. Down there
I think you're going to be alright man
Yeah, I'm just looking forward to, uh, just...
Being successful in whatever I do

[Outro: Watsky]
This... Is for those among us who got enough play
For twelve grades to carry on a upside down teaspoon
For every kid who could've counted their highschool
Hook ups on two hands tied behind their back
For every wall flower "say on's" master
With both palms on a crystal ball chanelling
The collective romantic prouds of Steve Urkel, Al Gore, Richard Simmons, Bill Gates and Screech
From "Saved by The Bell", this...
This is the anthem for those among us
Who got none in our formative years and this poem
Is for every high school virgin who wouldn't have had it any. Other. Way!