'Bet Against Me' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco All You Can Do.


You will if you didn't feel it before
Ever since I was a kid never really been bored
Swinging from building to building with my umbilical chord
But they don't know what I really endured
They say Godzilla been summoned but we're not running
Attila the Hun is coming, we're killin his horde
Spilling my innards, I fell on my sword
And now my blood is filling up from the ceiling to floor
I'm swimming though it, I'm swallowing fluid
Knew I had to do it so I grew like a million gills
Cause evolution is kill or be killed
Your Mrs. isn't equipped to be having kids
Have her listen to what I'm spitting
It's like sniffing fertility pills
This illegitimate village idiot bridging original shit with digital
Catching a carrier pigeon, sticking a chip in his wing and hitching a ride
But there's a glitch in the system inside
Got this ambition, I'm keeping the freshest fish in my kitchen
I catch em quick when get em to bite (right)
This kind of killing could fill a pelican bill
And my delicatessen will keep my recipe tight (right)
You kinda Gollumy, go ahead try to follow me
But if you're solid we build a colony, bruh
Calling Me Maybe, they popping molly
These babies are sniffling like they're chuggin some quality phở

…I'm playing with the house's money now, cause I thought we were on our way out during the Cuban Missile Crisis. I was, ah, in my late teens—I fell asleep waiting for the missile to fall dead center on my apartment, crash through the ceiling, and that was gonna be the end of everything. And I was amazed when I woke up the next morning and I was still alive…

If you want to lose your home (Bet against me)
And every penny you own (Bet against me)
You want to eat your words (Bet against me)
You want your feelings hurt (Bet against me)
You want your ego bruised (Bet against me)
If you like to lose (Bet against me)
If you love regret (Bet against me)
You want to die in debt (Bet against me)
If you want to shed tears (Bet against me)
You want to lose ten years (Bet against me)
If you got too much wealth (Bet against me)
If you fuc*** hate yourself (Bet against me)