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Don't let us fall - Letra

Vlad in Tears

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And if there's nothing to say
I've found a word, can I say it?
When you're alone, please say it
Don't let us fall

For our love, can I pray?
If there's away could you stay?
If there's no love you can't stay

Just let me fui de
Your eyes
Through the speeding lights
Just let me in
Your eyes and no lies
And no lies!!!

Don't let us fall
And the end
And the end
It's not this time

Don't let us fall
Apart, apart, not this time

Don't let us fall
Don't make us done
And don't make me live this
A thousand times...

If we got nothing to say
How could I look at your eyes
Would you be walking away
Don't let us fall
I cannot beg you to stay
Ain't no words I can say
Hace you ever been so frail?

Don't let us fall...