The Phantom of the Opera (Original London Cast Recording) - Notes.../Twisted Every Way

Notes.../Twisted Every Way Letra

Andrew Lloyd Webber


Notes.../Twisted Every Way (Letra/Lyrics)

Ludicrous! Have you seen the score?

Simply ludicrous!

It's the final straw!

This is lunacy! Well, you know my views

...Utter lunacy!

But we daren't refuse ...

Not another chandelier

Look, my friend, what we have here

"Dear Andre,​
Re my orchestrations:
We need another first bassoon
Get a player with tone—
And that third trombone
Has to go!
The man could not be deafer
So please preferably one who plays in tune!"

"Dear Firmin,​
Vis a vis my opera:
Some chorus members must be sacked
If you could, find out which
Has a sense of pitch—
Wisely, though
I've managed to assign a
Rather minor role to those who cannot act!"


What is it now?

This whole affair is an outrage!

Signora, please

Now what's the matter?

Have you seen the size of my part?

Signora, listen ...

It's an insult!

Not you as well!

Just look at this—it's an insult!

Please understand

Signor! Signora!

The things I have to do for my art!

If you can call this gibberish "art"

Ah! Here's our little flower!

Ah Miss Daaé, quite the lady of the hour!

You have secured the largest role in this "Don Juan"

Christine Daaé? She doesn't have the voice!

Signora, please!

Then I take it you're agreeing

She's behind this...

It appears we have no choice

She's the one behind this!
Christine Daaé!

How dare you?

I'm not a fool!

You evil woman! How dare you?

You think I'm blind?

This isn't my fault!
I don't want any part in this plot!

Miss Daaé, surely...

But why not?

What does she say?

It's your decision, but why not?

She's backing out!

You have a duty!

I cannot sing it, duty or not

Christine, Christine...
You don't have to...
They can't make you...

Please, monsieur—another note
"Fondest greetings to you all!
A few instructions just before rehearsal starts:

Carlotta must be taught to act

Not her normal trick of strutting 'round the stage
Our Don Juan must lose some weight—
It's not healthy in a man of Piangi's age
And my managers must learn
That their place is in an office, not the arts

As for Miss Christine Daaé
No doubt she'll do her best—
It's true her voice is good
She knows, though, should she wish to excel
She has much still to learn
If pride will let her return to me, her teacher
Her teacher...

Your obedient friend

"and Angel"

We have all been blind—
And yet the answer is staring us in the face
This could be the chance to ensnare our clever friend

We're listening

Go on

We shall play his game
Perform his work, but remember we hold the ace
For, if Miss Daaé sings, he is certain to attend

We make certain the doors are barred

We make certain our men are there

We make certain they're armed

The curtain falls, his reign will end!


I'm not so sure

Not if it works

This is madness!

The tide will turn!

Monsieur, believe me—
There is no way of turning the tide!

You stick to ballet!

Then help us!

Monsieur, I can't

Instead of warning us

Help us!

I wish I could

Don't make excuses!

Or could it be that you're on his side?

Datos de esta canción

NOTES.../TWISTED EVERY WAY es una canción de Andrew Lloyd Webber del año 1987, este tema está incluido dentro del disco The Phantom of the Opera (Original London Cast Recording). Agradecemos a Tuzone por haber sudido la letra de Notes.../Twisted Every Way.