Come Home de Amanda Perez

Come Home

Amanda Perez


Ooo Ohh Ooo Ohh OhhOoo
Layin in my room, steady thinkin bout you, and all the good times that weve had, and all the times you made me laugh
Where did it all go, why am i here all alone, missin my life and the way its sposed to be, its sposed to be you here with me

Take all my money, take all my clothes, take every being of my soul. i dont need it tell me what i've got, what i had i already lost, take my house, take my cars, cause i can't live without my heart. im down on my knees an im lettin go, im beggin you to come home

I know ive hurt you in the past, i know ive made you sad, but what more can i do to show you everythang i say is true, so many sleepless nights, so many cryin eyes, i just want you to see just how much you mean to me

I can't stand to see us this way and i can't stand to wake up each mornin and not see yor face, no matter what im willing to pay the price just to have him, just to have him in my life

Come home, i can't take this holdin back i can't take it its a fact i love you an i need you an it hurts when i can't sleep miss that feelin in my gut, when we kiss and when we hug, no mmore dreamin of our lovr reminisin ain't enough you ain't holdin me now and consolin me now im in this lonely house feelin lonely now take the money take the keys and the clothes take it all cuz without his love i can't sleep at all


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