Aesop Rock

'Alchemy' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Daylight.


I spit with an immense amount of power
Sparks flame showers, cowards, cower, underneath our
Storm clouds that indicate the acid rain hours
Now or, never, ever, ending on a bad note
Ripping a crab's throat, for spitting a bad quote
(Blueprint what's your approach?)
I smash black folk and white folk alike for jokes with mics
And make a Kodak moment out of the most boring open mic
I'll make a sad fan appreciate rap again
F*** around and forget just how whack it's been
I'm a bad man (Why's that?)
I catch bullets in my molars, body slam boas
And take flight with the weight of the world on my shoulders
And blame David Blaine on any chains that hold us
What started out as food for thought
Turned into thoughts to turnin' crews into food in hopes to satisfy my
Insatiable appetite to dine on lifeforms, small planets and satellites
Your solar system is my condiment;
I vomit comets, and don't sweat the small things and nonsense
Every dog has his day and even more so in rhyming
So I decided that I'd never play the fire hydrant
Or grab the mic sounding lazy, worn down and tired;
Cats don't really fall off they just get uninspired
But before you, get a reason to ever diss us
I'll drop an ill LP and disappear like Bobby Fischer
But this is, the building block of all that is
And what it is, is Alchemy

Alchemy, basic with a touch of wild wonder
Alchemy, we made this to take your style under
Metal frame, walking through a metal game with a limp, tight grip
Determined not to let time slip
This is Alchemy, iron b-boy and all its glory
Alchemy, hold it from the colder sob story
Metal frame, walking through a metal game with a limp; tight grip
Determined not to let time slip

(Ah) Dirty (dirty) destiny;
Burden murders with a burnt version of peasantry
Nervous clerks flirtin' with hurly burly chemistry
Graffiti burner urchin merging with a certain herd to jerk and serve your centerpiece
My zig-zag bully balance gallops with a fiery outline bound and bomb y'all pastel poets belly up (I'll tell you what)
Born style in 4 dimensions count 'em:
Three to take 'em to ya muck, one to build a world you'll never touch and I'm a pilot
Delirium, serum, poison arrangement
Come browse through an idyllic storm and suck the raw enslavement
With a grim-style stinger creeping out the basement
Encased in wild ritualistic visions of sacrificial bitch cadence
For all my iron giant soldiers with a metal fist up shielding mother nature
From a fatal wrist cut, story, I respect you
(So why they blaming you for the cats that sleep while the earth turns?)
Yeah I had em' up all night praying I'd re-release Music For Earthworms
Breathe even or lean squeamish, grip milestone like ring ring ring I just called to scream phoenix click dial tone
Welcome to a cloud 12 brutal hallucination war pillar
Carnivore, carnival, karma slasher
I dash like a jackrabbit that orbits revelation with a single pounce
To Edward Scissorhands your string of doubts and turn it out
This is that Mighty Casey homefield advantage to bend your blizzard
With a crocodile smile and five robot knuckles to your kisser
This is