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Plastic Soldiers - Letra

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Style messiah, Hot like a volcano with fire

The sound of silence vers' the sound of War
Echo death shock-renegade
Crooked cynic tyrant
Your ignorant bias is my Goliath
Starving alliance seeps under the skin
The seven deadly sins
That's the seven elements of the malevolent
The relevance of
Graphic endeavors
Drastic measures took for defense
My secrets unfold codes of conduct, raid
Blade runner, intimidating
Figment in the minds of the malignant
Your opinion: not significant, bludgeon
Poetic potential draws dotted lines between hunter and hunted
Liquefied thoughts seep through the cracks in side-walks
Lieutenant cynic consist of anonymous all this seems famished
Vanished in gritty streets til' city seeks, sleep, head, rush
Scope, infra-red touched
Temple's the torment
Pressure point contact
Crush the dormant with missing links
Syncopate movement, Our trobbled blockade ends but I'm blemished in the blueprint
Behold of the hideous
Some assaulted by the anthems of the lesser
Concerned, I squinted through tinted pains of pressure
Transcend, backlash, jet black ink bleeds to breath abstract interpose passages
Database entries slip through the fingers, you're forgotten
A faceless figure shall put among an infinite citizens capital coward branded in the backbones of the stranded
Ese's hunger for upper handed plan strategy: strike force
Pays quicken upon asphalt light source sun burst beams
A portrait of pillage
Multiple put-downs paint burn marks on perception
Indulge indefinite challenging chapters never before have human eyes looked upon
The unbearable weight
Contaminate little thieves
Heaves, breath, the last gasp
And I last grasp, but trace through your trickery, pinpointed
Technique cast on the fresh but it's now thickly anointed, vicious cycle
Ya'll spinnin if you tread before you think
The center of my web is pen and ink
It's the merciless, masquerade merging separate flows of music's martyrs
Threw my flag into the ground and claimed your land for starving artists
The masquerade merging separate flows of music's martyrs
Threw my flag into the ground and claimed your land for starving artists

Style messiah, Hot like a volcano with fire (repeated x14)

Dear Colleague
I am so very sorry that my son has made such an exhibition of himself with your daughter
It really does seem quite out of character
Although I have to admit it is quite funny
Of course he's really got into trouble with his supervisor
But I'm afraid he's only got himself to blame
It really...

All I see is little plastic soldiers with little plastic holsters
Spit on plastic cultures belittled by sarcastic vulture swarms
Warning I'd skip your stepping stones down by the sea shore
It's that scarlet welcome carpet that I fiend for
My dreams spore schemes each more malicious than the pre-ceding
Red skies bleeding acid this is best inspired by your doubt
All through flood fire and drowning all tied rapidy into humid winds
Lucid lens bend vigil spectrum's drippin' shades of rays, I prayed for days lacking discoloring (????)
Bigots may seems to scare me I dissect voids my friend drawin' cranes with metal flanks (????)
Walkers cross Battle-stars I travel far my radar flips
Eye of the storm following scraping my backbone
I try to spring clones leaving em like tendrils, that require
More than a click-click five
While figments of malignant spine pleasuring quick to pigment puddles
Gathered in gutters
Type B-negative whirlpool
I swarm fool like you, poetically puncture
As still in dreams while empires fall apart
He a cyborg killing machine with wires in his heart
I'll never know of you
Emotion reads close encounters I run
The last classic example of a love of mic and sample
Trampled pride resurrected with ample improvement motor movement mandatory
Not a question of should I
But I passively consumed the role casted by masters of supreme sources
Crafted by supreme forces
Seemingly dream catcher
Aesop Rock computer Hacker!
See you lack a dispatch to request back up
Collapsing scaffold mad pole crusher russian robot recruits
We shoot starving artists 'de trops' and intrude
I am waterfall
I'm excluding inaudible slaughter calls
Venomous survey calibrating mics for lurkin'

Style messiah, Hot like a volcano with fire (repeated x8)

This young man is clearly a genetic throwback
He seems to be experiencing primeval urges and feelings which frankly
Unless we can terminate will contaminate others
And threaten entire structure of our society...