Aesop Rock

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Aesop Rock

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(DJ chatter)

Check it, in a box marked "divinity", I trap the trinity
Of honor, evolution, and serenity
Pulled the reign into me
This archetype hyped oddities of style
Lost child prodigy intrigued
Fatigued by a suit and tie spy claiming post-Modern peacemakers
With the worlds ends calibrated in their briefcases
Case em when the sun bursts...
And the populace awaited my reply:
I spit a billion tiny, brilliant white lights into the sky (What)
When your last murmurs fade like colors in graff burners
Soon to be flustered and clustered in with comrade trash hurlers
Color me a sideline observer, alerted not yet retreating
And the climate stubbornly hovered slightly above freezing
Penny for your reasoning, Doug, which luckily I ain't as blessed to hold your attendance
So I could slide my guided tenants on the one
That drop in the bucket boogie begun
Brick in the wall installments draw a fallen performance
Fifth element, critical endurance
Kingpin allow only the murkiest swamp bot
To slip beneath the skin, this is Aesop
Recording til your TDK stops
Watch laboratory clone demotions dodge on natural hate crops

With the bearers of the reptile smile
Again and again, blendin' a friend with a fiend
Lending' a bended dream
Keen, cold, the straight soul drenched, temper
Fuckin, back boogie, I'm a settler
Kids wanna know the Aesop Rock...
The off the top, prototype, straight RoboCop
If you're Quasimoto, and you're slo-mo to stop
Ya rock bells, I block spells casted
If you wanna straight flaccid pass me towards... you
What? Kids wanna jet? 'Tis I, the 6 foot 4 space cadet
All up in you, kids wanna bend you back
So who's the next kid to rock upon the track?

(other rapper begins, cuts out)
(another rapper finishes, DJ)

Aesop Rock:
(Verse from "Wake Up Call")

(studio chatter)

Aesop Rock:
(Verse from "Shere Kahn")

(shout-outs all around)