Big Sean

'High Rise' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Finally Famous Vol. 3: Big.


Man I got my dark glasses on, cause I'm ready for the big lights
All my money counted, all my rubbers skintight
Me, I always fit out, you was more the in type
I never follow suit, you was more like pinstripes
Riding in Ye's Maybach, smoking so it's cloudy
With three girls who spent all day doing Pilates
Getting money, niggas think I joined illuminati
Throwing west side up, I'm feeling like Killuminati
Now isn't it ironic that I'm in a big body
Paranoid cause every rapper named Big got bodied, boy
And my bitch got body
But I sit her in the back, cause my ni*** called shotty!
And I'mma G-O till I'm a OG
Rocking something high end, like a fuc*** OD
They feel a ni*** from NY to the OC
If we down in the 4th quarter, I take it to OT
Take it to 1 and 0, just take it it's on me
Chilling in the hot spot cause I never get cold feet
Nigga, you on the sidelines praying for an audible
Cause when you're legendary everything is quotable
Priceless is affordable, order what you can't afford
Matter fact, order more
And I think I'mma have the same thing
My whole team getting cash, I just call it gangrene
Big is on the track, Ye be on the track
Since when Kobe and LeBron hoop for the same team
Could live my life blindfold
Cause every time my eyes close
I just tend to f*** around and see the same thing
Yeah, I just tend to see the same thing
They say it's meant to be when you sleep to the same dream
I hooked up with GOOD, and been living a changed scene
I'm trying to turn these gray clouds to Vanilla Skies
Camera in my face, I guess the future will be televised
And I'm as underrated as can be, bitch
F*** it if I'm underrated, I stay on some G shit
Nigga, I chief up, it's December 25
Three hundred and sixty-five, forever puttin' reef up
And your girlfriend forever want to meet her
Tryna see what is in common but my dick is what's between us
Man I break her heart every time I change hoes
I make a new style every time I change clothes
Man they jock my rhymes every time I change flows
One of the few getting change but won't change for it

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