Big Sean

'My Closet' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Finally Famous Vol. 3: Big.


I Got that Bape all in my closet
BBC all in my closet
That Pow Jewelry and Ambush rings we just made a deposit, money
To all you shopaholics if you wanna ball
Step through them double doors inside my closet is a mall
I got some Louie in my closet, got some Gucci in my closet
I'm Feeling like Biggie got some Coogie in my closet
Gotta a zoo all in my closet yes I do, yes I do
I got some gators, buffalos, minks too, minks too
If you like my tattoos, LA ink is in my closet
Got some haters in my closet and we just use them as targets
I be sparking cause we got a gun range all in my closet
I be balling with my partners we'll be hooping in my closet
Full court press like all the suits that's in my closet
Like, oh my fuc*** God, did you just see my closet
Yeah I got it all except them hangers in my closet
But I can even call it got a sweatshop in my closet

You could buy what's in my closet
If you had stacks instead of wallets
And for you fuc*** haters that don't like it
Can't see you past the aviators on my eyelids
So tell tell me who the freshest of them of them all
I step inside my closet and that shit look like a loft
You claiming that you fresh when you ain't fresher then my balls
Trying to get what's in my closet
Nah, bitch, I bought it all
Yeah, bitch, I got it all

You ain't know nothing about this fresh shit ho
I'll f*** your bitch with a Louis Vuitton condom
Bitch I'm King Wasbie in my closet
Got a lobby in my closet
I'm big, bitch, I'm big I got Versace in my closet
Oh, that's your girl
I seen her in my closet
She was hanging of the hangers when I banged her in my closet
I got Fergie in my closet
I be rocking TI$A
You might catch Tiger Woods tryna hit a birdie in my closet
Hood niggas steady flipping birdies in my closet
Polo looking like I got Kentucky derbies in my closet
Bitch, got MCM in my closet
MGM in my closet
Boy, I'm from the D, I got that big GM in my closet
Yea I shine ho I shine so much its sunny in my closet
Got a track where all the baddest girls be running in my closet
Like, oh my God, it's stunning in my closet
I got diamonds I'm so rocky you can bungie in my closet
I got gators, I got furs, minks and monkeys in my closet lions, tigers, bears
Damn I got Jumanji in my closet

A hundred doors in my closet
Fifteen floors up in my closet
Taking elevators everywhere I go up in my closet
Landing pad in my closet
Yeah, it's bad in my closet
Billy Jean not my lover
But I thrill her in my closet
Hello, can you hear me
Got that network in my closet
I got a couple groupies giving neck work in my closet
Man, your net-worth in my closet match the sweatshirts in my closet
I opened up the doors and seen R Kelly in my closet
Aww man, Goddamn ice cream man in my closet
Got the whole Motor City Auto Show up in my closet
Got two runways in my closet one for models one for planes
Autotuning T-Pain he be singing in my closet
I can't believe it
All that's in my closet
Waterfalls is in my closet
We play paint ball, we play eight ball
On the Great Wall in my closet
Now you seen all my closet
You don't gotta go home but get the f*** up out my closet

You ain't know nothing about this fresh shit Nigga
You talking to the king of fresh, man
What the f*** is you saying
I do it
Finally Famous in this
Getting money
Good music ni***

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