Big Sean

'My House' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Finally Famous (Super Deluxe Edition).


Shit, whose house is this?
Laughin' so hard my tongue is out and shit
I stack dead Prez, mouth to mouth that shit
They told me a ni*** wouldn't amount to shit
Nigga, whose house is this?
Laughin' so hard my tongue is out and shit
I stack dead Prez, mouth to mouth that shit
But you don't know nothin' about that, shit

Yellin', whose house is this? Huh
Bitch, Do I even gotta ask now?
Who the f*** are you? Do you even got you a pass?
I don't know why you cuffin' yo girl, she ain't even got her no ass
Middle fingers to all of the nonbelievers
Not only did I beat the odds, I also got even
Took a spot up on the throne, I see myself see myself
Said it twice cause history repeats itself 'peats itself
Man I can't even lie, I be high I be high
Mother f*** drinkin' and drivin', I'd rather get high and fly
I'm out of here, like outer wear
We are not the same, you are not a player
My house is somewhere off in the woods, girls in my bed like I'm papa bear
They say hard work pays off, wrong it pays good as hell
You the man huh? Sorry I couldn't tell
Claimin' that they BIG, well I really can't lie
From the top they all look the same size

I start my mornin' with the paper
Bitch I'm rich free press, hundreds on all the pages
And you can't slow me down, I'm sorry there's no delay
Me and my committee run the city, you just tryin' to join the relay
Leader of the new school, reportin' from the PA
These niggas call me cuz but I don't know why, cause we can't relate
I got yo sister doin' thangs on camera I can't replay
But she's a waste of time, f*** I could've had a V8
I turn thousands to milli's, it's time to renovate the ceiling
I'm turning houses to buildings, hustle while you out here chilling
What's the wordy I'm certainly getting rich in a hurry
I swear I f*** 'til I'm tired, I'm getting high 'til it's blurry
I'm from the dirty glove, where hammers turn crews into jurys
They'll make you sit down, but as long as you with me ain't no worries
Man I'm puttin' on for my crew, never for these hoes
I'm puttin' on for my city, she puttin' on her clothes


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