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Piss 'Em Off - Letra

DJ Khaled

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'Piss 'Em Off' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Kiss the Ring.


Fresh on the scene, I just let the swag talk
Watch, I pull up in that foreign just to piss 'em off
Had to whisper to my dog, I say we here to ball
Chain ring, wrist bling, I'ma piss 'em off
Okay, more bottles of Rosay
Hermes on her waist, complimented by that oche
Looking kinda fly Mr. Hood what them hoes say?
Pissing n*ggas off by the bezel on the watch face
On that nick Shorty, this just how the boss play
Phantom with the two tone, left it with the valet
You know how I'm ridin', catch me couping on a Sunday
B*tch I am the sh*t. We clear? Blu-Ray

Check the swag - yea, it's on
Gettin' cash, the bank roll
I get it fast, never slow
Piss 'em off just to let them haters know
Let 'em know you will never meet a n*gga this fly, I ain't lying
Got the top off the wip
You ain't ridin', you ain't ridin'
If the watch under 40
You ain't shinnin', you ain't shinnin'
Piss 'em off, you n*ggas all talk, ain't buying it

Old man, ten grand, bought the whole mall
Heard they hatin' so I did it just to piss 'em off
Chilling with a bad b*tch Mrs. WhatchaCall
Put her in a red bottom just to piss 'em off
Good lord, you know what the wrist cost
Bid the pretty penny probably triple what your rent cost
Yea a n*gga shine it, like cutting on a chandelier
Hop in about that Porsche, why of course that be the Panamera
Louis, Gucci, Findi or Versace be my day a apparel
That sh*t that you're talkin', it's nice — Christmas carols
I ain't wit the bullsh*t, i do this for real though
Kick it with a player, talking game when the field goal
Swimming in some money, f*ck around and do a backstroke
You know how I like it baby, you just keep your back low
Main I'm a dog, my whips are retarded
Swag out of space, you couldn't match it with a martian
Whatcha talkin' n*gga?


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