Cat Power

Letra de la canción

[Verse 1]
Mother, I know your face
Father, still hold your place
Sister, I'm around you, remember me
Brother, I'm on my way, I'm visiting
Little sister, I know from where your brown eyes get

Your face on horizon
I cannot see
Your face on horizon
I cannot say

[Verse 2]
Mother, I wanna hold your hand
Father, I need you to be a man
Sister, if there's any help in me, I'm always on my way
Little brother, let's get on to travel, let's get up to something
Little sister, can I have this dance?

You're on the horizon
I cannot stay
You're on the horizon
I'm on my way
You're on the horizon
I'm header the other way
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: Veromúsica (#4)

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Cat Power

Cat Power

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