Canción 'Tomb' del disco 'Tomb' interpretada por Angelo De Augustine

Tomb Letra

Angelo De Augustine

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TOMB es una canción de Angelo De Augustine que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Tomb.

Letra 'Tomb'

Been searching for someone of my own kind
Played it back and forth
Prefer to rewind
You've been living your life from the outside
Like a stranger inside of your own mind

Both been on the rise and fall
Buried in a tomb and lost
Like past visions of Osiris

I walked into your life at the wrong time
Never quite been perceptive of real life
It was not your fault or a fault of mine
But it's hard to let you go this time

You were on my lap
I felt your heartbeat
As you pressed your chest hard against me
It was not of this world or of a dream
For the first time someone else loved me.

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