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Seems like we going downhill best believe that
We will leap frog that landfill dont belong with
People that life a life at a stand still my
Wheels still spinnin till i get there beware
My skills are rare these shoes can't be filled
Footlocker couldn't sell a pair of my nike airs
Likely the heir to whoevers got the tittle fights
Not even fair i dont see a rival the say
Im in denial i just hope your prepared for my arrival
Cause im not scared to be an idol so ready aim
Fire im freddy ready to kill your dreams if you thought
You were the new king yea the truth stings but i dont
Got a plan b so i got to do this shit by any means
Even if it means me targeting the whole rap scene
And body'ing all these wack rap teams
Im confident all this competition just attracts me


Letra añadida por: RickRack (#56)

Call Me Loop
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