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101 (Interlude) - Letra

Chris Brown

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'101 (Interlude)' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco X.


You got me doing 101 on the 101
Don't go nowhere, baby, don't you run
You got me doing 101 on the 101
Got me speeding for your love

I've been waiting for you all day, stuck in traffic
Tryna make it to my baby, I'm tryna go half on a baby
Just wear that sexy shit I like and I will do you just right
Don't you worry, help is soon on the way, yeah
'Cause I'll kiss you up, I'll lick you up, I'll stick it up, I'll smack it up
I'll flip it up, I'll pick you up, I'll sex you up
I like it when your bottom up, your top down, take you down
Won't f*** around, I'll hold you down, I'ma break it down when I lay you down, yeah

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