School Days - Innocent Blue



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Since when did you come down to earth oh my blue angel...
Before I knew I kept looking at the side of your profile

Ah, I can only switch my gaze down from that smile not aimed at me
I call out to you behind your back only inside my heart that is

It's heaving down on me like snow this innocent pain
No matter what kind of course it may take I want to tell you my genuine feelings

Hidden by hesitation my honest mind and courage

Though I'm sure anyone can unlock that sealed heart of yours

Ah, I gently trace the footprints that you made
I gather the sands inside a flask it's the stardust for my wishes

It's beating me constantly like the waves this repeating pain
The teardrop that is ripped by the wind is of course a fallen piece of my suffering

It's heaving down on me like snow this innocent pain
I seem to have finally found my love my only place.

Spread your wings and fly away someday oh my blue angel...

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