My Heart

My Heart


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When you laughed at my plan
And you mocked all my words
I knew then you were worse, you'd forgotten to love

In your hands, in your hands, my heart

And the sun was unclean
And the morning the same
Contorting in the dark
In the bedroom you made
A fuss of the stars, too bright for your eyes

In your hands, my heart

And the morning's your curse
And the sun still unwashed
Oh, we loved till it hurt
It was crushing me, love
In the night, I knew was the last

In your hands, in your hands, my heart

And, of course, you went there
Like vertigo on a bridge
The river drunk howling like dogs
And I, running on fumes, spat flames till it scarred you
"Fall away! Go! Find your escape route!"

In your hands, in your hands, my heart

When you sheltered yourself
And cut off the phone
Well, I knew then you weren't hurt
You've forgotten how to love

Oh the artist shall suffer
'Cause he's scratching his back
Till there's blood in his nails
Well you make yourself ill with the lies that you tell

Still, in your hands, in your hands, my heart
My heart, my heart, my heart

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