Cold Game


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Oh oh oooh oh...
Mmmmm... yeah...
Hey.. hey..

Seems like everybodys carrying
Now money is the motivation
Stone cold no reflection
What am I supposed to be but this
On the bus oh dark facing
Never smile always hide emotion
Cause even my bestfriends could be the next men that change

Darlin' its a cold game
And it whats were living in
Darlin' its a cold game
Got away so I could change
Darlin' its a cold game
I don't want to live this way
But sometimes its like theres no other way

My knuckles bleeding once again
But I had to hold my place
No respect no intention
I didn't mean to cause you pain
It all happened to suddenly
A paranoia saved my back again
Told you id be alright though here to stand another day

[Verse 3]
Face in the stars baby
They all seem so bright tonight
Please don't be angry, but it went to far this time
I thought he was punching lightly, but the blood told different thing
Cause everythings going numb my head, my lungs
Not sure if I'm dying but I'm fighting it trying
As I'm flying through the clouds up in the night
The sirens in the distance the Cash and Marley
Singing songs reminiscing visions of my past living
See faces I remember taking my hand saying I'm forgivin'
Sipping Guinness chillin watch the world spinning
Thought I would be alright baby if you hate me it's alright
Sorry I'm an angel I'm your angel now I love you sorry

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