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Borrowed Love



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What could make me think
That I could live on borrowed love
Now I see that I could never
Live on borrowed love

It's 3: 01 in the morning
Another sleepless night
I feel your presence with me
And it doesn't feel right

And then it starts
Flowing through me
From my feet
Right to my head

Then I scream
Calling out your name
I want you back in my bed
My bed, ooh, ooh


Like a drummer always beating
The inside of my soul
Here's this feeling always seeking
The touch they knew so well
In the places that matter


Hip hip hooray
You say like Michael J
That you want me back
You lack the knack
To get me back in the sack
All of us will and that's a fact
But you're a small fry
And I'm a Big Mac
Please, you put me back
Now on hands and knees
And it's my body that
You want to please
It was all a big tease
Now walk out the door
And leave me the key


I can't eat, I can't sleep
Thinking 'bout who you're with
Are you happy making me crazy
You were the best I ever had


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